Deutsch-Französische Hochschule

University (DFH)

The Franco-German Uni­ver­sity is an inter­na­tional orga­ni­za­tion of uni­ver­si­ties from Ger­many and France with the pur­pose of facil­i­tating inter­na­tional coop­er­a­tion in higher edu­ca­tion and is equally funded by the Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment of Ger­many and the Gov­ern­ment of the French Republic. Its main task is to ini­tiate, eval­uate and finan­cially sup­port German-French excel­lence study pro­grams such as the study pro­gram Inter­na­tional Mar­keting from WFI and TSM

German and French stu­dents work as team and com­plete the inte­grated study pro­gram Inter­na­tional Mar­keting in both higher edu­ca­tion sys­tems. There­fore, they learn dif­ferent sci­en­tific teaching methods, study in Eng­lish, com­mu­ni­cate in the lan­guage of the partner country and immerse them­selves in cul­ture. This high level of inte­gra­tion dis­tin­guishes the inte­grated bina­tional study pro­grams of the DFH from simple exchange pro­grams or other double degree pro­grams. Addi­tion­ally, the quality of the double degree pro­gram Inter­na­tional Mar­keting is guar­an­teed by the strict eval­u­a­tion process involving inde­pen­dent reviewers of the Franco-German Uni­ver­si­ty’s Sci­en­tific Advi­sory Board. Every four years the double degree pro­gram is going to be re-accred­ited.

Why studying under the roof of the Franco-German University?

Language Courses

DFH offers all par­tic­i­pants of the double degree pro­gram in Inter­na­tional Mar­keting free online lan­guage courses that allow them to deepen their french or ger­mans lan­guage skills starting from level B1.

Mobility Scholarships

The Franco-German Uni­ver­sity (DFH) finan­cially sup­ports every stu­dent of the double degree pro­gram Inter­na­tional Mar­keting paying monthly mobility grants of cur­rently 300€ during the phase in the partner country or a franco-phone country. Mobility schol­ar­ships can be com­bined with Erasmus+, other schol­ar­ships or BAföG grants for studies abroad.


In addi­tion to the tran­script of records from TSM and WFI, every grad­uate receives the pres­ti­gious cer­tifi­cate of the DFH, which indi­cates the added value of an inte­grated DFH study pro­gram. When the double-degree grad­u­ates present them­selves to their future employers,it is an indis­pens­able part of their appli­ca­tion doc­u­ments.


The Excel­lence Awards of the Franco-German Uni­ver­sity (DFH) are awarded to grad­u­ates who have proven their pro­fes­sional and inter­cul­tural excel­lence through out­standing degrees or spe­cial merits. The awards are endowed with 1,500 € each and are spon­sored by com­pa­nies and insti­tu­tions from var­ious sec­tors.


To sup­port the career entry of its grad­u­ates, the Franco-German Uni­ver­sity (DFH) main­tains close con­tacts with com­pany rep­re­sen­ta­tives.

Job Training

Are you soon com­pleting your DFH studies or have you com­pleted it recently? To help you find a job in both coun­tries, DFH offers you Inter­cul­tural job appli­ca­tion training.


Con­grat­u­la­tions, grad­u­ates! As a proud grad­uate of WFI, TSM, and DFH you are invited to join a vibrant, thriving net­work of leaders, doers, shapers, and learners. Con­tact to our stu­dents is highly impor­tant to us — not only during their studies, but also in the tran­si­tion phase between their studies and their pro­fes­sional lives.


Numerous events of the DFH and their partner insti­tu­tions allow their stu­dents to con­stantly expand their pro­fes­sional social net­work and easily enter the inter­na­tional job market.

DFH Graduates are…

…highly trained mar­keting experts, mul­ti­lin­gual (german, french, eng­lish), inter­cul­tur­ally com­pe­tent and well pre­pared for the inter­na­tional job market. In con­trast to tra­di­tional stays abroad, they have com­pleted half of their studies in a mixed group in the partner country and thus know the study system of the partner country as their own.  Although DFH pro­grams focus on fos­tering coop­er­a­tion between German and French Uni­ver­si­ties, Eng­lish skills play a major role. There­fore,  all courses of the Double Master Degree Pro­gram Inter­na­tional Mar­keting are taught in Eng­lish lan­guage — at Toulouse School of Man­age­ment as well as here in Ingol­stadt.